A Community of Learners

Yellow Wood Academy is a community of curious, 在线和校园里忠诚的(和神经多样化的)教师和学习者.

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十大正规网赌网址特色百科是默瑟岛一所经过认证的独立学校. 十大正规网赌网址特色百科为正在寻找个性化教育方法的4 -12年级学生提供服务, supported by a team of dedicated teachers.

We currently offer on campus and online options.


The Yellow Wood Academy Approach


Personally Crafted Programs

At Yellow Wood Academy, 十大正规网赌网址特色百科的理念是为每个学生提供追求自己个人旅程所需的工具和鼓励. 为了做到这一点,十大正规网赌网址特色百科为学生构建了一个独特的教育计划,考虑到整个孩子. 十大正规网赌网址特色百科所有的课程都是严谨的学术,同时个性化的节奏, style, and projects for your student. 十大正规网赌网址特色百科的老师知道什么时候给予更多的时间和支持,什么时候鼓励十大正规网赌网址特色百科的学生扩展和探索.

— Yellow Wood Academy Student

Complete Education

十大正规网赌网址特色百科知道,没有文化、艺术和音乐的教育是不完整的. Our students have the opportunity to learn oil painting, music production, 3D printing, personal fitness, design, photography, rock band, and so much more. By melding our core curriculum with community engagement, arts, technology, and languages, 十大正规网赌网址特色百科创建了一个项目,鼓励学生不仅仅是学习, but to thrive.


Community of Students

School is more than classes and curriculum. 加强十大正规网赌网址特色百科的学术和艺术课程是十大正规网赌网址特色百科培养友谊的结构. Between clubs like the Current Event Discussions, Lego Club, and LGBTQ Club (to name just a few), semi-structured Lunch Activities, group classes, 以及十大正规网赌网址特色百科的团队执行功能课程(Nest),十大正规网赌网址特色百科帮助十大正规网赌网址特色百科的学生找到他们的朋友,建立终身的友谊.

Team Learning

No matter what their path, 学生们都需要知道如何在合作中茁壮成长, team environments. 这就是为什么十大正规网赌网址特色百科将一对一的关注与精心策划的不超过四人的小组课程相结合. While they work in our small classes, students get a chance to work collaboratively, discuss topics with their peers, and build the skills to work as a team.

I enjoy Yellow Wood because [of] the one-on-one teaching. It really made a big difference for me.
— Yellow Wood Academy Student

自从上了黄木学校,(我的儿子)已经成长为一个完全不同的人. He has more confidence, his social skills are soaring, 而且(他)正在以一种全新的方式来处理他的焦虑,那就是冒更多的风险. 我真的相信,没有这么大的压力的学校环境, [我儿子]已经能够平静他的中枢神经系统(而不是一直处于战斗或逃跑模式),并且实际上在学术和情感上都使用他的大脑.
— Sharon, mother of a 6th grader

Yellow Wood Academy is the Right Fit


Unique Schedules

Elite Athletes, World Travelers, Dual Enrollment, and more:

Students have many reasons to need a flexible schedule, and Yellow Wood Academy programs work with their needs. Whether your student needs morning classes, afternoon classes, 或者自由地参与校外的机会,而不会错过他们的教育, Yellow Wood Academy can help them get a great education.

We offer full-time programs, part-time programs, dual enrollment, single classes, and more so your student can get exactly what they need.


Unique Learners

Gifted and Accelerated, Anxiety, Sensory Issues, Extra Support and Structure, Learning Disabilities, and more:

十大正规网赌网址特色百科十大正规网赌网址特色百科的学生从多个方向学习. 因为十大正规网赌网址特色百科所有的课程都是根据学生的需求量身定制的, 他们可以自由地花时间在挑战他们的事情上,并加速他们的发展.

We help our students try out different learning methods, project styles, accommodations, 和支持系统,直到他们找到最适合自己的东西.


Unique Needs


你的学生是否需要重新走上毕业之路? Forge a path into the American school system? Jump start early college? 十大正规网赌网址特色百科可以为他们建立一个项目,帮助他们到达那里,不仅帮助他们完成学业, but grow in it and take ownership of their own education. 通过基础课程为学生奠定知识基础, State Standard models to keep them on track, 荣誉和AP(大学先修课程),让他们开拓进取, 十大正规网赌网址特色百科可以设计一个程序,为他们想象中的未来开辟一条道路.


— Yellow Wood Academy Student

Right Now at Yellow Wood

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